Garage Door Repair Tips And Tricks

The garage door is one of the most important doors in every home.  While the garage is supposed to keep your car safe from trouble and weather, investing in a good quality door, and taking good care of it can help prevent problems such as warping, inability to lock automatically, or even worse, fail to open.  Garage door repair and maintenance is therefore required to help prevent accidents or even loss of valuables in the future. Outlined below are a few garage door repair tips to help you out.


  1. Clean the door track: The first step to ensuring your garage door operates properly and doesn’t jam when you attempt to close/open is by cleaning/clearing the garage door track. While oiling or lubricating the door track is an excellent way to ensure smooth operation, it would be advisable to clean the track first before greasing or lubricating. This is because oil and other lubricants trap dust particles and other debris which accumulate over time. The accumulated material makes it hard for the door or its rollers to slide open. Nonetheless, wiping clean the door track before oiling is a very good idea.


  1. Realign door sensors: Almost all automatic garage doors use sensors to open and close. If any of these sensors is misaligned (due to extended use), the door may start malfunctioning or even fail to open/close at all. Nevertheless, having the sensors realigned or repositions can help correct the problem hence prevent a disaster in the future.  Many garage door manufacturers today install indicators to show when the sensors are misaligned. A blinking light on the sensors may indicate a misaligned sensor.


  1. Reset the garage door opener: There are times when the garage door will fail to close completely – leaving a gap at the bottom. If this happens, all you may need to do is reset the garage door opener. Although some manufacturers may have a reset button on the opener, unplugging the system, and then plugging it in again always does the trick.


  1. Replace/tighten broken cables, nuts and bolts: Lose nuts, bolts, and cables can be a primary cause of trouble with the garage door.  Looking out for loose bolts and nuts, then tightening them can help reduce the creaky noise, as well as restore efficiency on the same. Most garage doors use tight flex-cables that help close and open the door. If any is broken or loose, have a certified and experienced technician handle it.


  1. Lubricate moving parts: The efficiency of any garage door depends on proper lubrication of tracks, rollers, and pulleys. Lubricating these moving parts helps reduce friction, and wear and tear on the same. This helps the door function properly as well as last much longer than the manufacturer indicated. A special lubricating spray, household lubricants, or powdered graphite should be used to lubricate these parts.  You also need to be careful when lubricating these, especially if there are electrical devices close by.


While maintaining your garage is recommended, some problems such as warped door frames, broken flex-tension cables, or even a faulty electrical system need the expertise of a professional technician like this company. Always call a certified technician to help with the problem.  The garage door repair tips discussed above should however help prevent bigger problems in the future.

Bathroom Feng Shui according to Corrie Nielsen


Top 5 Bathroom Feng Shui Tips

If you’re at all into feng shui, then you know how comforting and powerful it is in managing the energy around you. Yet, you also probably know that bathrooms are not held in high esteem in feng shui. Having said that, there are tips and techniques that can still be used, which is especially important in a room where you maintain your hygiene and health and get ready to face each day (or clean up and relax from it). Keep reading to learn the top 5 bathroom feng shui tips you can use in your home.

1) Plug drains when not in use. One of the negative energetic aspects of bathrooms is how they drain chi, because there might be drains in both a shower or bathtub and sink, plus the capacity for the toilet to flush. Get everyone in your home in the habit of putting down the toilet lid when not in use and putting drain stoppers in place as well. Side advantages of this will be less chance of losing precious small things down sink drains and no one leaving toilet seats up.

2) Keep the linens and fabrics fresh. Any washcloths, towels, rugs and even toilet seat covers should be either new or at least still in mint condition. Anything older or raggy should be used as rags and disposed of. Also make sure the colors match, as clashing colors can mean an energetic imbalance in the visual appeal of the room.

3) Keep counters clear of clutter. Unless you use something every day, it doesn’t deserve space on your counters. In fact, your counters should have free space to them. Crowded countertops can actually cause you a little stress in having to be deliberate and careful. Organize and stow away everything else under counters, in baskets, or on shelves or in cabinets you add to the walls. Creating enough space to add a refreshing element like a live orchid can do wonders for the room.

4) Counter the draining energy with a crystal. Find a feng shui crystal that you like and matches the decor of the room. Then find the center point of the ceiling and hang the crystal nine inches below it. This will raise the focal point of the room and provide a nice counterpoint to the draining vibe already present.

5) Keep the doors open in most cases. Bathrooms have more inviting energy if the door is left open, but there are three cases where bathroom doors should be closed at all times. The first is any bathroom that is right off the kitchen. Also keep closed the doors of any bathroom where the toilet is visible from the bedroom and all bathrooms in direct line of the energy from the front door to the home.

Depending on the construction of your residence, the bathroom’s placement might be something you can’t do anything about. However, with these top 5 bathroom feng shui tips, you can enhance the energy of any bathroom in your home.

The Best Cleaning Tools – DMF


The best cleaning tools will no-doubt make your cleaning job much easier. Although there are many types of cleaning tools, you need to choose the best cleaning tools to suit your cleaning job. This article provides information on the best cleaning tools to make the work go easier.
Mops –

These are some of the most popular cleaning tools used by millions of cleaners around the world. Whether used for dry or wet cleaning, mops are considered the foot soldiers in the battle for a clean floor. Every household requires, at least, two mops such as a wet mop to pick up to clean wet spills and wash hard-surface floors and a dry mop to collect dust, pet hair, and dirt on the floor. Choosing a mop for wet cleaning should be done with utmost care. You need to choose a mop that can dissolve dirt as well as lift the dirt from the floor and remove it. String mops are not the best option in this regard since they are heavy to lift and will not rinse the area effectively. Large-headed wet mops with swivel covers are the best option when it comes to choosing a wet mop. Dry mops are available in many forms on the other hand. You can choose the best mop according to your requirements.
Brooms –
This is another important cleaning tool that is essential for every home. The broom comes in three basic types such as corn, synthetic, and push. Push brooms are designed using synthetic bristles and used to sweep large areas in a home such as a garage, patios, and center of indoor rooms. Synthetic brooms, on the other hand, are lightweight and are ideal to clean many surfaces in your home. It is best to use these brooms indoors since the lighter weight makes it impossible to use these brooms for heavier outdoor jobs. Synthetic brooms should be stored head-up to avoid bending the bristles of the broom. Corn brooms and made of natural bristles. They are considered an all-purpose solution for most of the sweeping chores. You can clean up your kitchen quickly by pairing these brooms with a dustpan.
Vacuum Cleaners –
A vacuum cleaner is an effective cleaning tool that helps swoop up the dust from the floor and finally remove them. Vacuum cleaners come in two basic types such as upright and canister. The upright vacuum would do a better job on carpets while they are less expensive and easier to store. On the other hand, the canister vacuum will do a great job on hard floors and stairs. They are ideal to clean hard-to-reach places in your home. Automobile seats can be easily cleaned using a canister vacuum. For dusting the surfaces, you may use the vacuum cleaner’s extension hose and specialty head like the upholstery or dust brush. The hand-held mini vacuum is also a very popular cleaning tool these days. They are ideal to clean areas like stairs, tight corners, and small pills. The mini vacuum with a disposable bag is ideal for better air quality in your home. On the other hand, rechargeable mini vacuums are convenient since they are cordless.
Dust Busters –
This is another popular cleaning tool for all households. Household dust usually consists of a mixture of soil particles, pet dander, insect parts, lint, pollen, fungi, and mold. Dust will come in through the doors, windows, and other open areas of your home. They will reside on the furnishing, cloth, shoes, and any other objects in your home. Airborne dust can irritate the airways of you and your loved ones to create various respiratory illnesses. This is where a dust buster comes in handy. It will help clean the dust in your house quite effectively. Regular dust removal is essential to keep your home clean and your family healthy in the long run.
Dust Cloths –
Dust cloths are another popular and effective cleaning tool essential for all homes. They help remove dust particles quite easily. Make sure you use 100% cotton dust cloths when dusting the furniture and other objects in your home. Cotton absorbs the dust and will not scatter it similar to other clothing material. Also, cotton will not scratch your fine furniture. Dust cloths are washable and reusable. They also can be bleached for a better cleaning after dusting the furnishing in your home.
Lambswool Duster –

This is an ideal tool for dusting delicate items. It has a long handle to extend your reach. The duster also contains lamb wool fibers to attract and hold the dust until you release outside. These are some of the best cleaning tools on the market today.
Electrostatic Dry Cleaning Cloths –
These tools are made of special microfibers to trap the dust quite effectively. They are ideal for cleaning electronic equipment as well as removing the fine blown-in soil from this equipment. Choose the washable and reusable cloths over disposables when you are buying electrostatic dry cleaning cloths.
Cleaning Tools For The Bathroom –
Wet cleaning tools are ideal for cleaning the areas such as kitchens and bathrooms in your home. You will need a greater number of cleaning tools and product to clean a wet area than a dry area in your home. All-purpose cleaning products help cut through the oil and grease in these areas of the house. Use a degreaser spray with a quality cleaning cloth to clean the areas where there are grease and oil. Tools like abrasive scrubbing pads and scrapers are best for this purpose. A cleaning toothbrush is ideal to reach into the hard-to-reach areas in your kitchen as well as the bathroom.
In conclusion, cleaning a home is not an easy task at all. There are many things to consider and so many tools to use in this regard. Choosing the right cleaning tools is essential for a perfect cleaning job. The aforementioned article provides information on choosing the most appropriate cleaning tools for your home.


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